Show Your Support

Governor Jay Inslee’s office has posted a questionnaire to gather the perspectives of Washingtonians on the impacts of retaining or breaching/removing the four lower Snake River dams. Share your thoughts here.

Yes, I support the Snake River dams! The federal dams on the Lower Snake River provide incredible benefits to the Northwest and the nation.

Read support letters from utilities around the state.

The dams make safe, efficient barge transportation possible, and are critical to the competitiveness of U.S. farmers and other shippers. Barging relieves rail congestion, keeps trucks off the highways that run through the sensitive airshed of the Columbia River Gorge, and provides jobs for our Northwest residents.

Clean, renewable hydropower from the dams is far cheaper than wind or solar, and is reliable and carbon-free. It would take two nuclear, three coal-fired, or six gas-fired power plants to replace the average annual power produced by the four lower Snake River dams, which generate enough electricity to serve a city about the size of Seattle.

The Northwest can be proud of the historic collaboration which is leading to real results for our iconic salmon runs. Improvements at the dams, hydro operations, and habitat restoration are leading to real success, with record and near-record numbers of fish returning to the Snake River to spawn.